EFT Group in RetroFitness Reviews and Complaints

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EFT Group in RetroFitness Reviews

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  • Terrible business uncertified trainers!!

    Eft is the biggest group of scam artist, they calm to have the best certified trainers but their trainers are not even certified,Joseph afflitto is NOT certified just yet and has been training for eft-I had trained with him not only does he make you feel uncomfortable but you will not be trained by a certified trainer! I spent just about $1700 and did not receive any type of service. I tried to cancel before my 6months was up but they told me I couldn't unless I have a medical note, after it was up I was automatically enrolled in month to month payments when I was told during sign up I... More...
    Sbella27's Picture   Sbella27    7 Comments   Comments
  • Gym and trainer

    So my fiance signed up for a membership to RetroFitness gym and also a trainer. He wasn't all that thrilled with the trainer, and not to mention that she cut their training session time short and never offered to provide him with that loss of time at any other session! Since he joined, his father passed away leaving him penniless and homeless since where he resided was his father's estate and all assets were frozen until the state could resolve who receives money. Also, you would think when something like this happens the gym would have some kind of empathy on him due to his... More...
  • Are Scam Artists

    My husband and I decided it would be a good idea to join a fitness club, and get back into shape, after having our children. So we did some research and found a RetroFitness that was very close to our home and decided to join. Once we joined, we got one free personal session with a trainer, so we decided to try it out! BIG MISTAKE!!! Once we had our session, the trainer asked us if we would like to continue and we were told it would be $90 a month and there would be absolutely no penalties to end, just "Come talk to me" is what he said. So we decided to try it!!! ANOTHER... More...
    KAN122804's Picture   KAN122804    12 Comments   Comments

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EFT Group in RetroFitness Comments

mamasan says: (5 years ago)
I've been going to retro fitness for over a year now, and it's been the best decision I've ever made. I've been working with Mr. Afflitto and have been very happy with his training. As a matter of fact, Mr. Afflitto and the crew at Retro Fitness is quite the opposite of what the previous reviewer described. Mr. Afflitto is courteous, kind, enthusiastic, respectful, punctual AND IS A CERTIFIED TRAINER. I have lost over 100 pounds and went from a size 24 to a size 6 in just one year! I couldn't walk from side of a room to the front door without feeling completely wiped out and breathless. I would not be alive today if it weren't for Mr. Afflitto's persistence, and dedication. From what I've witnessed first hand, there are a lot of happy clients who range from the very wealthy to the average Joe, and from real hard body types to fat and frumpy like I ONCE was. The same can be said for the rest of the staff at Retro Fitness which takes pride in providing an encouraging environment conducive to fitness, and towards helping people pursue their fitness endeavors and make them a reality. As far as the previous review...well, it just sounds as though someone bit a bit more off than they could chew financially so they are trying to disparage an innocent person's reputation just so they could get out of a financial contract. Speaking of contract: No one should be reading the contract for you....it is YOUR responsibility to do that. No one can make you do anything either.....ever. Of course there is a fee for changing your mind about an expense you couldn't afford to incur....but that's not the company's problem....that's a consequence of poor judgement. Just like when you want to cancel a phone contract prior to the contract ending. You are still responsible for a fee or even the cost of the phone. Truly, this just sounds like a bunch of sour grapes. As for me, well.....I'm living proof of what hard work with a team of dedicated professionals can do! HIGHLY RECOMMEND RETRO FITNESS!

GT81 says: (6 years ago)
this place is a SCAM

lwasser10 says: (7 years ago)
I recently joined a Retrofitness gymn and was assigned a personal trainer. The trainer gave me his telephone so I can call to arrange appontments. I left him messages and he never returned them. He denied this to his manager who I spoke to about it. Then I started making appointments when I saw him at the gymn. He was sometimes available to speak to me and I never new when he was around. I recently left him several messages again and again he never returned them. I told the new manager and made another appointment through the manager. The manager also left trainer a note to confirm an appointment. And again the trainer never called me. I am paying a fee for services I never receive. Therefore, I wish to cancel the contract. Then I understand that I have to pay a cancellation feel for 15% of the contract price or $250, which ever is less. That is a total scam im my opinion. How dare they.

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